Long Way Traveled

As I overlooked the sprawling city before the rain arrived, N Seoul Tower atop Namsan provided a reminder of just how far from home I am and how many miles I’ve traveled the last eight months.distance-to-nyc

There were also reminders of how far my friends in various other cities are from me.

I haven't been there yet
I haven’t been there yet

As I get lost in the expanse of Seoul and its 25 million residents, I remember the people–family, friends, passing acquaintances–and the places I’ve called temporary home. From above this city I see New Jersey and New York, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, Tokyo, Hanoi and Saigon, Phnom Penh, and Taipei–moments of wonder and frustration in each.seoul-sprawl

It’s not easy being homesick for a home that was only ever temporary.

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