Introverted Travel or Social Avoidance?

A response to Yahoo! Travel's article "18 Essential Tips for Introverted Travelers," which reinforces stereotypes and encourages poor travel habits.

The Art of Packing for Travel

It's not always easy packing for a trip, especially if it's a long one. Here are some of the essentials I pack to ensure I have what I need.
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Literary Travel Inspiration

"What is true peace, I cannot know. A hundred wars have come and gone as I’ve grown old. I bear their burdens in my bones. Mine’s the...

That’s Why the TSA Wants to Give Me a Free Colonoscopy

Ever wonder why you got singled out for that airport search? Well, the TSA's secret list of behaviors that could get you a free colonoscopy was leaked.
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Train Travel Adventures

I've taken quite a few trains around the world. Unfortunately, trains in the US lag behind those of other countries in terms of convenience and cost.
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On Cultural and Religious Sensitivity

Travel -- mostly in Thailand, Malaysia, and China -- has taught me about religions and cultures and how to be more respectful.
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New Year, New Plans

Happy 2013! Now that we've all recovered from our New Year's hangovers, we can plan for the year and make those resolutions. Of course,...
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Adventures in Bus Travel

In addition to my train travel adventures, I've taken a few long-distance bus trips. Some were tolerable, but others were absolutely miserable.
cambodia girl bar

Conversation at a Cambodian Girl Bar

A conversation with a young Cambodian woman who works at one of Phnom Penh's girl bars.

A Different Expat Experience

If I am not Ulysses, I am his dear, ruthless half brother. Strap me to the mast so I may endure night sirens -Yusef Komunyakaa, Latitudes This is not...
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Memories and Travel

Sometimes our memories fail us. We don't remember things as they happened, and sometimes we have false memories. Sometimes this happens while traveling.
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I Don’t Always Enjoy Getting Lost

It's easy to get lost when you don't follow the same path through Mont Royal in Montreal. And while I love getting lost while traveling, it can be tiring.
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10 Destinations for Every Kid

Not every kid is the same and not every destination list is what they need to see.
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On Traveling Solo in Asia

Solo travel in Asia has its challenges that are sometimes exacerbated by the balance of life, sightseeing, and work. But it's still worth traveling alone.
travel financial advice

On Travel and Bad Financial Advice

There's a lot of financial advice out there, and quite a bit focuses on travel as well. But you don't have to accept all the travel financial advice.