chiang kai shek memorial hall

Things I Won’t Miss About Taipei

I've already made my list of things that I'll miss about Taipei after I depart, so it was only fair to create another list of things I won't miss.
vietnam traffic

The Attraction of Vietnam: Not Quite a Love Story

There's something about Vietnam's major cities, Hanoi and Saigon, that attract me. I had a love-hate relationship during my time in both.
seoul view

Long Way Traveled

As I overlooked the sprawling city before the rain arrived, N Seoul Tower atop Namsan provided a reminder of just how far from home...
gunung kawi bali

Keeping It Green

Reflection on sustainability and green living on Earth Day and the impact of travel on the environment. How can we maintain a green lifestyle on the road?

Car-Free Life

Last year I made the decision to sell my car -- the only car I've ever owned (I bought it a month before I...

On Studying Abroad

A personal experience of studying abroad in London and reasons more students should take a semester or year abroad to do more than just travel.

On Departures

I have to say goodbye often--to the places with which I've become familiar, to routines I've developed, and most of all, to the great people I've met.
china library

Lessons from Living in China

After almost four years of living in China, I learned a lot about myself and life in general. Life in China was an important learning experience.
siem reap

The Onward Self

"Work is the curse of the drinking classes." -Oscar Wilde I had wanted to write about my adventures here in Italy--the inspiring art of Florence, the...
heavenly lake temple

Literary Travel Inspiration

"What is true peace, I cannot know. A hundred wars have come and gone as I’ve grown old. I bear their burdens in my bones. Mine’s the...
travel financial advice

On Travel and Bad Financial Advice

There's a lot of financial advice out there, and quite a bit focuses on travel as well. But you don't have to accept all the travel financial advice.

A Different Expat Experience

If I am not Ulysses, I am his dear, ruthless half brother. Strap me to the mast so I may endure night sirens -Yusef Komunyakaa, Latitudes This is not...
Sun Voyager Iceland

Conversations in Iceland

I enjoy having conversations with people when I travel, and I found some interesting people to talk with in Iceland.
saigon backpackers

How Not to Plan a Vacation

It’s been a while since I planned a vacation--and even longer since I planned a trip beyond a few basics. I'm not so good at vacation planning.
thai sign

Inherent Dangers of Travel

Travel poses many obstacles and dangers. Plenty of travelers have been scammed or pick-pocketed in every country. And then there are those of us who encounter...