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I Don’t Trust TripAdvisor’s Travel Reviews

I'm not a fan of TripAdvisor for the most part. They have some worthwhile information and deals for travelers, but the crowd-sourced reviews are awful.
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The Road to Avoiding Foreign Currency Exchange Fees

Dealing with foreign transactions can be a headache for some travelers, but with a little preparation and research, it shouldn't be a problem.
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Thoughts on Traveling Solo

Not everyone wants to travel alone, but solo travel can be freeing and fun. There are some ways to make the experience better and less lonely.

Finding Friendship on the Road

Solo travel can be a lonesome experience, but traveling alone doesn't have to be lonely, even for the introverted explorer.
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On Travel and Bad Financial Advice

There's a lot of financial advice out there, and quite a bit focuses on travel as well. But you don't have to accept all the travel financial advice.

How to Cope with Overtourism

Overtourism is the reality of travel as more people head for the world's popular destinations. But there are ways to avoid the crowds and headaches.