monk chat

Chatting with Monks

My companion and I walked around Chiang Mai on the first day off the overnight train from Bangkok. We were a little tired from...
forbidden city

Linguist Olympics

For a short time before the Beijing Olympics in 2008, I taught at a language center in Shenzhen. It wasn't entirely legal as the...
chinglish sign

Works Like Magic

While in China I encountered many signs that didn't make much sense. Most of these signs were written in Chinglish and poorly translated. Despite...
great wall of china

Useful Language

Learning some basics in any language can be useful. In Chinese, it's important to also learn some hand signals.
chinglish sign

Poetic Chinglish

Whether it's about an official government sign or just a restaurant menu, everyone who has been to China has stories of Chinglish.
casco viejo panama

Hablas Español?

More than a few people asked me if I speak Spanish prior to and after my journey to Panama. My answer was rather jumbled.