tokyo seafood pancake

First Meals in Japan

A variety of tasty food that I got to sample in my first weeks in Tokyo, Japan. Gyoza, squid, curry, and who knows what I ate.
taichung donut taiwan

Tasting Taichung’s Most Expensive Donut

On a trip through Taichung, Taiwan, I stopped at CJSJ, a fancy pastry shop known for their chocolate and run by a Michelin star chef, for a donut.
sierra llorona

Breakfast with a View

My meals at Sierra Llorona Lodge outside Colon were amazing. And the views from the back porch of the main house out into the...
coastal city shenzhen

Chinese Supermarket Madness

Some important notes and experiences on grocery shopping and going to supermarkets in China.
kayak halong bay

Staying Healthy on the Road

Healthy traveling isn't always easy. After realizing I wasn't living a healthy lifestyle, I changed habits to make the journey better.
spicy ramen

Visiting Tokyo’s Ramen Museum

Japan loves ramen so much that there's an entire museum dedicated to it -- the Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum. I love ramen so much that I visited the museum.
amador causeway

Walking Amador Causeway in Panama City

A walking tour of the Amador Causeway in Panama City on the way back to Casco Viejo with a stop at Mi Ranchito for ceviche and a view.
chengdu china

Slithering into a New Year

The Chinese New Year is upon us! It's the year of the snake, which probably means that a lot of people in China will...
chili festival

Jersey City Chili Cook-Off

Sunday was the Jersey City Chili Cook-Off at Grove St. PATH. I tried a lot of chili from a variety of cooks and restaurants.
sala gastronomica

Eating Around Mexico City

I didn't get to eat nearly as much food in Mexico City as I had planned, but I found some amazing cuisine that makes me want to return.
mui ne seafood

Seafood Feast in Mui Ne, Vietnam

Exploring all the seafood, and a few other dishes, that Mui Ne has to offer. As Mui Ne is a tourist resort town, the food wasn't as good as in other parts of Vietnam, but there were some highlights.

Hunger for Alleyways

Wandering through alleys in Macau leading to Dragon Mama Cuisine, a wonderful noodle shop.
Baba Nyonya penang

Best Meal in Penang

When I go on vacation I seek two things: culture and food. I had plenty of culture in Malaysia, and I had to balance...
smoked trout

Geothermal Baking at Fontana Spa in Iceland

Sampling Icelandic geothermal baked rye bread with smoked trout at Fontana Spa in Laugarvatn during a tour of the Golden Circle.
bangkok bugs

Big Bug Man

Checking out the fried bug vendor and his free samples along Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand.