chengdu china

Slithering into a New Year

The Chinese New Year is upon us! It's the year of the snake, which probably means that a lot of people in China will...

Photos for World Food Day

"What you are eating is always the end of a very long story--and often an ingenious but delicious answer to some very complicated problems." -Anthony...
sierra llorona

Breakfast with a View

My meals at Sierra Llorona Lodge outside Colon were amazing. And the views from the back porch of the main house out into the...
mezcal gravlax

Eating Through San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

It's not easy getting your fill of Mexican food in San Miguel de Allende when battling food poisoning, but I managed to find some tasty options.
dog soup korea

It May Be Healthy, But I’m Not Eating It

Travelers love talking about "comfort zones" and "getting out of" that zone, but sometimes you have to draw the line, especially when it comes to food.

Yankees Fan Goes to Boston

A Yankees fan's first impressions of Boston during July 4th weekend. A great hostel and some fireworks and beer.

In Search of Traditional Japanese Food in Tokyo

For my fourth time in Tokyo, I sought out the best Japanese food I could. Sure, I'd visit places I hadn't previously seen, but food was the priority.
amador causeway

Walking Amador Causeway in Panama City

A walking tour of the Amador Causeway in Panama City on the way back to Casco Viejo with a stop at Mi Ranchito for ceviche and a view.
tsuruoka food

Farm-to-Table Tours in Japan’s Only UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy

Enjoy a seasonal dinner at Japan's premier organic farm-to-table restaurant NAA Farmer's Restaurant in Tsuruoka, a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy.
sardine can vancouver

Bites & Brews in Vancouver

Enjoying the food and beer that Vancouver has to offer during a 21-hour layover. All local brews and some amazing tapas, plus poutine.

A Very Taipei Thanksgiving

"Turkey: A large bird whose flesh, when eaten on certain religious anniversaries has the peculiar property of attesting piety and gratitude." - Ambrose Bierce, The...

We All Scream for Beer Ice Cream

I'll confess, I didn't actually order beer ice cream in Taiwan. I guarantee, however, that should I move back to Taipei, I will try...
Angkor Wat

Finding Food at Angkor Wat

It's not easy finding good food at a decent price right at Angkor Wat, but it is possible...and delicious.
chinglish snack

Chinglish Snacks

My unhealthy fascination with unusual international snacks sometimes leads me to buy food based on Chinglish snack packages.
seoul fireworks

Independence Day in Seoul

Celebrating Independence Day in Seoul, South Korea, with a spicy burger and some beer in Noksapyeong with a surprise fireworks show.