sardine can vancouver

Bites & Brews in Vancouver

Enjoying the food and beer that Vancouver has to offer during a 21-hour layover. All local brews and some amazing tapas, plus poutine.

A Very Taipei Thanksgiving

"Turkey: A large bird whose flesh, when eaten on certain religious anniversaries has the peculiar property of attesting piety and gratitude." - Ambrose Bierce, The...
spring rolls laos

Eating through Vientiane

Vientiane provided my introduction to Laotian cuisine. It was a great sampling of refreshing and spicy food that made me crave more.
taipei night market

Night Markets of Taipei

Taipei's night markets are popular with locals and tourists. They're crowded, but still the best places to find a wide variety of food.

Chili de Mayo

Yesterday was the Jersey City Chili Cook-off on 4th Street. There was chili, music, and artsy vendors. All I could think about was Homer...

In Search of Traditional Japanese Food in Tokyo

For my fourth time in Tokyo, I sought out the best Japanese food I could. Sure, I'd visit places I hadn't previously seen, but food was the priority.
smoked duck salad italy

Eats and Drinks in Florence

Eating and drinking my way through Florence, Italy. Making stops at Mercato Centrale for food and cocktails.

Photos for World Food Day

"What you are eating is always the end of a very long story--and often an ingenious but delicious answer to some very complicated problems." -Anthony...
fish vietnam

Fishy Sidewalk in Halong

Finding dried fish being prepared on the busy sidewalk at Halong Bay.
sala gastronomica

Eating Around Mexico City

I didn't get to eat nearly as much food in Mexico City as I had planned, but I found some amazing cuisine that makes me want to return.

Feast at 15 Fox Place

An exquisite 10-course Italian dinner at 15 Fox Place in Jersey City, New Jersey.
bare burger NYC

Nothing Bare About This Burger

Review of Bareburger on Laguardia Place in Manhattan. They serve organic burgers.
amador causeway

Walking Amador Causeway in Panama City

A walking tour of the Amador Causeway in Panama City on the way back to Casco Viejo with a stop at Mi Ranchito for ceviche and a view.
monkfish iceland

Thanks for All the Fish, Iceland

A sampling of the great restaurants Iceland has to offer, filled with plenty of fish and even smoked puffin breast.

What to Eat in Bagan

While getting stuck in Bagan for a few extra days, I was able to sample more than my share of local Burmese culinary delicacies.