Sunrise over Perugia

“to scant the truth
of the light itself
as it was reflected from”
-William Carlos Williams, “Cézanne”

Early morning sun shining on St. Domenico Basilica
Early morning sun shining on St. Domenico Basilica

There is an advantage to working Hong Kong hours while living in Italy, which makes me feel better about missing out on life while here.

First peek at the sunrise
First peek at the sunrise

When I take my lunch break, it’s 6 AM here in Perugia. The streets are quiet–the only people out are the sanitation workers cleaning up the evening’s empty booze bottles and cigarette butts.

Greeting the morning in Perugia

Just a short walk away from my apartment is a scenic overlook facing east. It’s a great location to watch the sunrise over the hills below Perugia. After a week of overcast mornings, I found clear skies this Friday. There was an added perk of fog rolling through the fields in the distance.

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