Fort Collins beer

Tasty Variety of Beer

Enjoying the tasty variety of the Ft Collins Brewery Brewer's Lunchbox, including a black lager, chocolate stout, IPA, smoked amber, and red ale.
Old Montreal

Quiet Streets

Finding quiet streets in Old Montreal before the tourist crowds arrive.

Off the Trail

My two and a half days in Gamboa were filled with lively conversation surrounded by rainforest and flecked with wildlife. While the rainforest provided...
beer in taipei

Coffee Shop Beer

The liquor store down the street from me has a wonderful selection of beer, wine, and spirits (I know because I used to work...


This is the first of what I hope to be many Friday Photo posts. This one comes with a longer story than most will. A...
casco viejo

Hablas Español?

More than a few people asked me if I speak Spanish prior to and after my journey to Panama. My answer was rather jumbled.
tailless whip scorpion

Monster in the Bathroom

I've been in many unpleasant bathrooms in my travels--mostly of the unsanitary variety in China--but this one was rather frightening. At Sierra Llorona in Panama,...

Happy Dragon

新年快乐! Happy New Year to everyone celebrating the Year of the Dragon. I have a lot of fond memories of celebrating Spring Festival in China....
sierra llorona

Breakfast with a View

My meals at Sierra Llorona Lodge outside Colon were amazing. And the views from the back porch of the main house out into the...
Iglesia San Francisco

Your Journey Comes with a Hat

My first day of an eight-day journey through Panama, with the first stop in Panama City.

Blogging Reboot

I'm back from a trip to Panama and motivated enough to restart my life on the internets! After six years of blogging mostly about...