How to Survive a Long-Haul Flight

I hate flying, but I have learned to survive on long-haul flights despite the airlines' best efforts to make the experience as uncomfortable as possible.

The Art of Packing for Travel

It's not always easy packing for a trip, especially if it's a long one. Here are some of the essentials I pack to ensure I have what I need.
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Things I Won’t Miss About Taipei

I've already made my list of things that I'll miss about Taipei after I depart, so it was only fair to create another list of things I won't miss.
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What I’ll Miss About Taipei

As I prepare to move away from the city I've called temporary home for almost three years, I think of the things that I'll miss about Taipei.

Authenticity and Travel Photography

Travel photography is an art form, and we take more photos than we need. We then over-edit those photos. Can we have authenticity in travel photography?

The Attraction of Vietnam: Not Quite a Love Story

There's something about Vietnam's major cities, Hanoi and Saigon, that attract me. I had a love-hate relationship during my time in both.

On Travel and Earthquakes

No one likes to think about natural disasters when traveling. Recent earthquakes in Italy & Myanmar got me thinking more about it.

The Cost of Being an Expat

This year's most expensive city for expats is Hong Kong, but is it really that expensive? What is the real cost of being an expat in various cities?

A Different Expat Experience

If I am not Ulysses, I am his dear, ruthless half brother. Strap me to the mast so I may endure night sirens -Yusef Komunyakaa, Latitudes This is not...

When the Travel Plan Doesn’t Pan Out

Travel doesn't always go as planned. But sometimes, it works out for the best as it did for me when I had to quickly re-plan my trip in Myanmar.

In Response to Fear & Travel Warnings

In the wake of the terror attacks in Paris, Beirut, Mali, and elsewhere, there’s plenty of fear to go around, but should you change your travel plans?
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How Not to Plan a Vacation

It’s been a while since I planned a vacation--and even longer since I planned a trip beyond a few basics. I'm not so good at vacation planning.
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Returning to Stable Expat Life

I have returned to Taipei to begin a new job and settle into a more stable expat life, which means a little less traveling.

On Returning Home

It's not always easy returning home after an extended period of time away. Reverse culture shock is real, and it's complicated by jetlag.
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Being an Expat Is Not All Travel and Sunshine

Living abroad is not as exciting as most people think; same goes for working from home. Living abroad is just that--living, just in another country.